We are a family business based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland that are passionate about producing fresh premium food products, made with all natural ingredients.

We currently produce the most premium quality, freshest all natural recipe bases along with detailed shopping, preparation and cooking instructions included. This way the home cooking enthusiast can cook restaurant quality (or better) food in the comfort of their own home. Also with hints, tips and recipes from our website to help make the most healthy, flavoursome food on earth!!

Our ingredients are hand selected from the best regions locally and internationally from only the most reputable suppliers. Our bases are always made using the freshest, most premium A grade ingredients.

All of our authentic recipe bases are made to exacting standards in small batches. They are gluten free with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or souring agents like vinegar, citrus juices or citric acid and therefore can be used as marinades, rubs and stir fry pastes too!

When we produce our recipe bases we vacuum seal them instantly! So when you open the pack at home it has the same freshness as if you’ve made it right there on the spot yourself.

Happy Cooking!
The Lush Delights Team

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